Thursday, January 6, 2011

~New Year...~

it's all about New Year,,,!!
now, 5th days on year, new motivation, new songs, new theory, new style...n so ever...well, nothing special exactly on this update blog... Juz wanna say Thanks to Allah, to my asben, my family, my siblings...coz still give me the opportunities to do the best thing in my life..who is still support me on what i'm doing...i luv u guys...!!

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but, deep in my heart...
i wanna lay back in my bed n thinking bout head is full with new thing, stuff like makes me tired... 

sometimes, .when new things come, it will make me really miss the old times...
still, i'm fell so lucky to have them with me...even sometimes they make me sick...hahahaha....~
cheer up..!! 

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~ THE END..~

1 comment:

  1. akak!!!
    npe adek xtau akq ade blog nie...



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